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Emmitsburg's Civil War Soldiers

(Company C, Coleís Cavalry)

Private John Sponcler: Letters about the Family Bible

Submitted by Gary Zeller

State of Pennsylvania County of Beaver

I, J.H. Sturgeon, a duly qualified and acting Justice of the Peace in and for said


County and State, do hereby certify that on August 4 A.D. 1913, within said County and State, I personally examined the family bible belonging to and the property of the Sponcler family; that the following is full, true, accurate and correct copy of the records therein written and contained so far as the same relate to John Sponcler, of Company C 1st P.H.B. Maryland Cavalry:

John Henry Sponsellar was born in Emmittsburg

on 29 day of October 1844, christened by the

Reverend John Phillips

That said family Bible was published at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the year A.D. 1824; that said record bears no marks of erasures or alterations; and that I believe from the appearance of said entries that the same were made at, or about, the time and date therein given.

In witness whereof I have set my hand and affixed my official seal this 4th day of August, 1913.

John H. Sturgeon Justice of the Peace in and for said County and State.

To whom it my concern -

This is to certify that the above mentioned John Henry Sponsellar is my brother and has for many years abreviated the family name and spelled it Sponcler. I find the name spelled in the family Bible in the marriage, birth and death records as Sponsellar, Sponsler and Sponcer.


G. Sponcler

Beaver Falls, Pa 8/4/13

Mr. John Sponcler Rothers Wash.

Dear Uncle,

At Fatherís request I write you in regard to this enclosed affidavit which you sent us to have filled out. As Mr. Shuster who made out this other paper is away. Father and I went before Mr. John H. Sturgeon a Justice of the Peace of this place and had him examine the family records as we did not like to cause you any further delay which will account for this change of name of this Justice, also the date. You will also note that Father in making oath signed his name Sponcler the same as you do. That is the way they all spell it here although it is spelled Sponseller in the family record with the exception of Uncle George which is the same as you spell yours. I hope this explanation will be satisfactory proof that you are the John Henry Sponcler (or Sponseller) referred to in the affidavit.

Hoping this finds you well and that we will hear from you again soon. Your sister, Aunt Mary is still with us and as well as can be expected.

I remain yours truly,

H. Howard

1118 - 10th Ave. Beaver Falls, Pa.

Written at the request of my Father-in-law, your brother Jos. Sponcler

(Stamped as being received by the U.S. Pension office August 14, 1913)