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Emmitsburg's Civil War Soldiers

(Company C, Cole’s Cavalry)

Private John Sponcler: Letter for Proof of Service

Submitted by Gary Zeller

Department of the Interior

May 17 1873

Pension Officer

Bellvill Republic C O Kansas

I was wounded and taken prisoner January 11th 1864 at Rectors Crossroads Va while in line of duty I was left at a private house, Mr. Rectors on a count of being mortally wounded. I was a prisoner 3 weeks and 4 days forth I was waited on by the rebel surgeon and the family of the house. The man of the house and family was rebels to sons in the army. I was treated as an enemy in every respect. The rebel Dr. could not get the bullet nor cloth from my wound nor the leather from my belt. I was wounded there the left side grazing the left hip bone and lodging in the right hip.

I was under command of Captain AM Hunter and First Lieutenant William A. Horner second Lieutenant Hiram S. McNair when wounded. I was taken from the field sometime in the evening. A detachment of the first New Jersey and a detachment of the first Pennsylvania cavalry sent from Warrenton Va. on a count took me from the house of Mr. Rector to Warrenton Va. to the hospital. I believe it was a brigade hospital, no general hospital there at that time. I think that was a long the later part of the month.

After being there 3 or 4 months I wanted to see my brother and friends in my battalion and by my request I was sent to the battalion at Harper’s Ferry from that went to the battalion hospital from there to the general hospital at Sandyhook Maryland after being there I got a furlough for 30 days to go to see my mother then reported to the battalion not being fit for duty I was sent to the battalion hospital. From that time I acted as hospital steward until the days of my discharge I was promoted hospital steward in the regiment. It had been raised to a regiment for bravery. I was mustered out as a private soldier by neglect of my captain and myself for not showing my commission. I have never belonged to the Navy or Army since discharge. My wound troubled me when discharged.

John Sponcler