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Emmitsburg Area War of 1812 Honor Roll

Captain Joseph Greenís Company

Roll Call No. 2

The Company of Captain Lewis (Emmitsburg Area) served from July 23, 1814 until January 10, 1815. They served at Bladensburg, Annapolis and Baltimore. According to one veteran, Captain Lewis Weaver commanded the company at the Battle of Bladensburg and after the engagement took his company to Baltimore. They arrived at camp outside of Baltimore on September 4, 1814. At some point he was cashiered and succeeded by Captain James Huston who in turn was succeeded by Captain Joseph Green of Emmitsburg who remained in command until the company was discharged on January 10, 1815 at Annapolis.

Sergeant Martin Shultz stated that when Captain Huston was taken sick he returned to Frederick and never rejoined the regiment. From that point the company remained under the command of Lieutenant Thomas W. Morgan until Captain Green took command and retained it until the company was discharged. A reference is made in the Frederick-town Herald to the departure of a company under the command of Captain James Huston during the last week of July of 1814. From this item it can be concluded that Huston first commanded the company followed by Weaver,, perhaps Morgan, and finally Green.

On December 31, 1814, a reward was posted in the Frederick-town Herald for deserters from this company. Fifty had deserted in Baltimore, three deserted at Annapolis and two had deserted at Bladensburg. Captain Green offered $550.00 for the return of the men at his headquarters at Annapolis.


  • Captain Joseph Green
  • 1st Lieutenant Thomas Morgan
  • 2nd Lieutenant George W. Hoffman
  • Ensign David Barnett

Non-Commissioned Officers

  • 1st Sergeant George W. Holler
  • 2nd Sergeant Martin Shultz
  • 3rd Sergeant Alfred Ridgly
  • 4th Sergeant Vachel Stinchcomb
  • 1st Corporal Levi Davis
  • 2nd Corporal John Heisly (Substitute for Frederick A. Heisly)
  • 3rd Corporal Benjamin Smith
  • 4th Corporal Lewis William


  • Principal George Shade
  • Michael Englebrecht
  • John Stouffer/Stauffer

Enlisted Men

  • John Aldworth
  • Bernard Andrew (Substituted for William Gillan)
  • George Anhrum
  • Thomas N. Beall
  • John Beard
  • David Brish
  • John Britten
  • Richard Brooke
  • Daniel Burk (Substituted for Thomas Conner)
  • Jacob Carns
  • James Cockran
  • Joseph Conrad
  • William Cox
  • Michael Crilly
  • David Crumbecker
  • Andrew Datroff
  • John Denis
  • Patrick Droff
  • William Dunavin
  • George Elberts
  • Frederick Feaga
  • George Feaga
  • William Fischer
  • James Flecture (Substituted for Thomas Hays)
  • Henry Funk
  • Sabred Garey
  • William Gittings (Substituted for John Boner)
  • John Gomber
  • Elisha Haller
  • Jacob Haller
  • Adam Hauer
  • Joseph Henry (Substituted for James Brickett)
  • John Hoffman
  • George Holler
  • George Hoover
  • Henry Hull
  • John Hummell
  • Thomas Johnson
  • George Keiting
  • Frederick Keller
  • John Keller
  • Peter Kuhn
  • Samuel McConley
  • Richard McDermot
  • Daniel Measle
  • Valentine Measle
  • James Merritt
  • William John Metz
  • Thomas Moore
  • Abraham Mosburg
  • Martin Myers
  • Michael Nusz
  • Frederick Ott
  • William Peacock
  • Thomas Pitt
  • Robert Randell
  • Horatio Reynolds
  • Zachariah Richards
  • Peter Rohr
  • Alexander Seers
  • John Shaffer
  • John Shryoc
  • David Shultz
  • James Slack (Substituted for James Keepers)
  • John Smith
  • William Smith
  • John Snavely
  • Andrew Stall
  • George Stauffer
  • Henry Sutton
  • Evert Vanblarcum
  • Jonathan Walker
  • Liner W. Wilkinson
  • John of Alexander Wilson
  • John Wilson
  • John Wincel
  • Henry Welch
  • John Whitlock
  • James Yirk
  • John Young
  • George Yowler
  • Willaim the Servant
  • John the Servant

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