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Why You May Have Recognized The Lifeguard From Baywatch

(2/27) Let's admit it right away- we've all watched Baywatch for its sheer range of eye-candy. And boy, did it deliver!

Of all the shirtless lifeguards with washboard abs, if there is one face that stood out, it probably has blue eyes and a super-dazzling smile. That face, and that enviable bod belong to none other than Zachary Vazquez. Stood out enough to make you want to wave frantically from the waters and hope this particular lifeguard saves the day.

And this isn't the first time you're seeing him either. He appears on several popular, prime time television shows and commercials. He is Tony in the Good Doctor, a show that highlights an entirely alternative perspective on doctors and their lives. Zachary also appeared as a CIA worker in Fast 8 or The Fate Of The Furious as it is better known. You may also have seen him, albeit for a short feature, on Vampire Diaries. If you then wondered who the featured vampire was, you have your answer now! Time to binge watch again!

You've also probably seen him on the cover of Men's Exercise, as well as in features for Golds Gym. That's not all! He has also appeared in commercial features for Universal Orlando, Carphone Warehouse and Jack Rack. There's also a good chance that you could have seen him in National Geographic's Killing Reagan. Now that's why he looks so familiar after all!

Bookworms and novel aficionados may have encountered him on some book cover too. Those blue eyes and that endearing smile sure can sell a story. Time to pull the library down and look for that cover you know you've seen him on!

However, if you feel like you just cannot get enough of him (we don't blame you!), you can expect to see Zach in many more features and movies in 2018. Remember to check out his Filmography on IMDB and follow him on Instagram @OfficialZVazquez and Twitter @ZachVtalent for up-to-date news on his next projects. In the meantime, if you just want to look at him, subscribe to his YouTube channel Zachary Vazquez.