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17A moves Headquarters to Nashville

(2/27) Tanner Adams headed 17A Enterprise relocated its operations to Nashville, Tennessee after expanding into the entertainment industry in 2016. The personal financial advisor and real estate developer sees the transit from Tampa, FL to Nashville as the right move for the company and his first client in the music industry, Roman Alexander.

17A began as a wealth and investment management firm in 2014. Tanner and a partner catered as financial advisors to top business magnates in the city of Tampa and Sarasota. The current portfolio that Adams manages is over six million dollars in the form of an active hedge fund.

The company later expanded to real estate development. This venture acts as the primary revenue stream of the firm to date. 17A holds four multi-million dollar development contracts in Southern Florida with a client list that includes the city of Longboat Key among others.

The latest expansion by the growing firm, in Entertainment Management, required the company to shift their headquarters to Nashville. The move is seen by many as a pragmatic decision that would make the operations of 17A smoother and seamless. At present, the firm also has working offices in New York, NY, and Tampa.