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 Woodsboro postpones annex vote

Liz Babiarz
Frederick News-Post

9/15/2004 - The Woodsboro Town Council postponed a vote on the annexation of a 10-acre tract Tuesday night, saying the applicant did not provide enough information on how the development of the property would affect town roads and the water supply.

Mark Lancaster, president of Lancaster Craftsman Builders in Middletown, applied in April to have his 10-acre property annexed by Woodsboro. He hopes to build on the land 13 single-family detached homes that could cost $500,000 or more apiece.

The property is south of Coppermine Road and north of Copper Oaks Drive.

On May 15, the Woodsboro Planning Commission reviewed Mr. Lancaster's application and found the property to be a "logical location to add quality homes."

Building 13 homes on the site would have a "negligible" impact on schools, roads, parks and other facilities, according to Charles Health, Woodsboro planning advisor.

The town planning commission voted 5-0 to approve the annexation if Mr. Lancaster addressed a list of 16 conditions. They include keeping the neighborhood consistent with Copper Oaks and cutting back the Coppermine Road bank.

But even with the planning commission approval, town council members were leery of voting on the issue Tuesday night.

The primary concern is traffic control," said Dennis Kline, Smith, Woodsboro's water sewer commissioner. "We don’t want people killed on our watch."

Because the parcel sits on a Woodsboro Burgess Donald sharp curve in the road and on slight incline, Mr. Kline said he is concerned drivers won't be able to see when they pull in and out of the development. And he is unsure if there's room on Coppermine Road for adequate acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Another concern is that the Town’s water pump station does not have the capacity to support 13 new homes, according to Gary Smith, Woodsboro's water and sewer commissioner.

The property is currently not served by town or county water and sewer.

Woodsboro Burgess Donald Trimmer advised Mr. Lancaster to conduct transportation and water capacity studies before the October meeting, and Mr. Lancaster agreed.

If Mr. Lancaster secures annexation approval, he would then need site plan approval from the town's planning commission and the town board.

Mr. Lancaster said he hopes to building by next September at the latest. The project should take two or three years to complete.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, the town council approved the annexation of 9,500 square feet, about one-fifth of an acre, into Woodsboro. The tract sits off Md. 550 along the northern boundary of the town. It's northeast of James Street and southeast of the Mary-land Midland Railroad.

The town council approved the request made by Advanced Consulting Company LLC, which wants to build two homes on the property. The land "belongs in Woodsboro," Mr. Trimmer said.

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