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Monthly Town Meeting - June 2001

Following the swearing in ceremony of newly re-elected commissioners Pat Boyle and Cliff Sweeney, the council voted unanimously to accept Mayor Carrís suggested appointments of commissioners to the following offices: Patrick Boyle, president; Clifford Sweeney, treasurer; Chris Stahley, streets commissioner; Clifford Sweeney, parks commissioner; Bill Carr, representative to water and sewer commission; Jim Hoover, planning and zoning commissioner; and Pat Boyle, representative to the Board of Appeals

Mayor Carr reported that on April 20th a dinner for students participating in the After School Program was held in the Senior Citizen Center. The town received a plaque of appreciation for their support of the program. Mayor Carr told the council members they should take credit for the programís success and that he was very glad the council had put money into the program these last four years. The first year seven students participated and now the average attendance is 22.

The commissioners voted 4-0 to accept the Ball field Usage Rules which require all teams using the fields to drag/rake the entire infield and fill in holes after a game and to pick up trash. "This is necessary for the field maintenance," said town manager Dave Haller. The council also appointed Gene Meyers as Citizen Field Supervisor.

Mr. Haller reported that the Cal Ripken Camp gave the town a $1,100 pitching machine as a thank you to the town for letting them use the fields during their camp sessions at Mount Saint Maryís College.

Public Comments

Joan Boyle of West Main St. asked the town to clean up Willow Rill and Memorial Park. She said the banks are collapsing and neglecting this will cause environmental problems later. She wondered if volunteers or students might be able to help with this project. She also said that proper trash cans with liners are needed in the park. The commissioners suggested she contact the Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts to see if they would be interested in the project.

Mr. Emilio Rodriquez of 263 DePaul St., reported two "vicious" dogs have been running loose in the neighborhood in the last several weeks. They have damaged the rabbit hutch in his back yard as well as chased him into the house. He called the pound who picked up one of the dogs, but he is concerned for the safety of his three young children when the dogs return. One is a Rottweiler and the other a mixed breed.

Mr. Richard Jacobs of 253 DePaul St. said he also had been chased by the dogs and they had attacked his eight-pound 15-year old poodle, leaving him with an $800 vet bill. The dogs were picked up on Friday, May 4. Mr. Haller said the town has a leash law and that the dogs must be contained.

Amy Phillips of 201 West Main St. spoke of her concern of the speeding of cars on West Lincoln alley. She said that commuters are using the alley to avoid the stop light at the square and she feels something should be done before the summer months when children will be walking to the swimming pool. The commissioners told Mrs. Phillips that speed bumps will be put down very soon. They are removed during the winter months in order for the snow plows to do their job.

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