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Monthly Town Meeting - December 2001

Town officials met with Buckeye Development to discuss issues in the plans for Pembroke, a planned housing development to be located on the west side of town. Two major issues were sidewalks and water pressure. The Planning and Zoning committee recommended conventional concrete sidewalks along the main street that will run from Tract Road to connect to Northgate. Another concern was the loss of water pressure throughout the site due to its altitude relative to the water plant. The developers have agreed to act on these suggestions.

Commissioner Jim Hoover and Donna Thompson were appointed as authorized agents to post town news items and announcements on the local web site Minutes of town meetings and agendas will be posted as they are approved.

Mayor Carr reported that construction of the new water plant can proceed now that a lawsuit has been settled. Clearing the site and readying it for construction has begun, as well as the purchase of some equipment. According to the mayor the target date for completion is around the first of October.

The town will work with Emmitsburg Little League in a cooperative effort aimed at upgrading the Little League concession stand to be in compliance with the Department of Health regulations. The sale of hot dogs, sodas and other snack food items is a primary source of income to purchase new uniforms and equipment.

Michelle Mills, auditor from Linton, Shafer & Company, Certified Public Accountants, discussed the audit of last year’s budget. Mrs. Mills reported that the town was on the right fiscal track and that no irregularities were noted.

The Statement of Revenues and Expenditures shows that the town is primarily a service operation. Fifty-three percent of the revenues to operate the town come from service charges. Only about thirty percent of revenues come from taxes.

Expenditures for the various departments were:

General Government- $186,262
Public Safety - $171,923
Public Works - $566,487
Recreation and Culture - $115,080
Debt Service - $1,078,915

Schedules detailing revenues and expenditures are shown in the report. Copies of the audit report are available at the town office.

Police report

DFC Mark Cullember
DFC Mike Ratliff

Stastical Data

Citations Issued - 27
Warnings Issued - 9
Traffic Arrest - 1
DWI Arrest - 0
Adult criminal arrest - 4
Juvenile arrest - 2
Municipal Citations - 2

Other activities:
Accidents investigated - 3

Criminal investigations include:: animal complaint, 1; assault, 3; Child abuse, 2; destruction of property, 2; disorderly conduct, 4; juvenile complaint 1; missing persons, 2; noise, 4; suspicious person/vehicle, 4; theft, 3; and truancy, 1.

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