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Industrial parkway still in Thurmont’s future

(2/21) The Thurmont industrial parkway that disappeared off the Frederick County planning map with what appeared to be minimal discussion and no local input is now back on the county planning map after local officials showed strong support for keeping it on.

“The town of Thurmont feels this is very important to leave on the map,” County Planner Denis Supercyznski told the Frederick County Planning Commission. “They understand it is conceptual in nature.”

During the Dec. 19 commission meeting, Supercyznski asked the commission to move the terminus of the parkway and instead the commission eliminated the parkway north of Thurmont.

In response the Thurmont town commissioners passed a resolution asking for the commission to place the parkway back on the map and the town planning and zoning commission sent a letter to the county commission asking for the same thing.

Supercyznki explained to the county planning commission that the town believes having the symbol on the map is needed for private and government funding agencies to take seriously any request for the funding the parkway.

“I would put it on the map because the town has asked for it,” Supercyznski said.
Town Planning Commission Chairman John Kinnaird attended the meeting and told the county planning commission, “It resolves a lot of issues, not the least of which is we have a major traffic issue in the town of Thurmont.”

The parkway, as presently envisioned, would begin at the end of Carroll Street Extended and travel west over to intersect with Route 15 where Catoctin Mountain Orchard is located.

The commission agreed to leave the road symbol on the map but with language that explained that the exact route for the parkway had yet to be chosen.

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