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County Planning & Zoning votes Myers annexation request inconsistent with plan

(1/18) The Frederick County Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend to the county commissioners that the Myers farm annexation request is inconsistent with existing zoning on the property. The commission also voted on Jan. 17 not to recommend a waiver for the property that would allow it to be rezoned immediately upon annexation.

County Commissioner Kai Hagen and Thurmont Planning and Zoning Commission Member Sabrina Massett publicly took positions against the annexation though it has not come before their respective commissions.

Hagen said the request “in my view is a violation of the town master plan.”

The vote does not stop the annexation. It only means that the Thurmont commissioners will have to wait five years before rezoning the property.

Planning and Zoning Commission Member Joe Brown said that wouldn’t be a big delay for the property “because I think it will take them five years to get a plan done anyway.”

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