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Calling all candidates!

(8/16)  If you want to run or you want someone to run for the two Thurmont town commissioner seats that will be open this year, the best time to make your wishes known is at the Thurmont Nominating Convention on August 28.

“You come with the people who support you and want you to run for office and they nominate you,” said Mayor Martin Burns.

The recent changes to the town’s charter has moved the nominating convention up from late September to the last Tuesday in August at 7 p.m. Burns said the old date for the convention allowed for less time to campaign and so, it actually favored the incumbent who would be better known than an new candidate.

At the meeting Burns will select a chairperson who will call for nominations for candidates.

“If you get a first and a second, you are automatically an official nominee,” Burns said.

Holding a nominating convention is not unusual. Rosemont, Middletown and Burkittsville are among the municipalities that hold special nominating meetings for candidates.

“Some municipalities do it that way. Some do not. It’s not unusual at all. Every place is a little different because municipalities are in charge of their own elections,” said Stuart Harvey, Frederick County election director.

Harvey also pointed out that the nominating convention can be a very important meeting. At Burkittsville’s special nominating meeting in June just enough candidates were nominated to fill the vacant seats and so the election was cancelled.

While the Thurmont Nominating Convention has been the traditional way to become a candidate, the new town charter also allows for a candidate to file paperwork.

The mayor and the commissioners serve four-year terms. The terms are staggered and the town election is held on odd-numbered years on the first Monday in October.

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