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NVR Homes To Build New Panel Plant

Vic Bradshaw
Frederick News Post

Sept. 14, 2003

NVR, which manufactures components for many homes built in the Maryland-Washington, D.C. region, will build a new panel plant on land adjoining its site on Apples Church Road. The building, which represents the second phase of the company’s expansion in recent years, will be located across Graceham Road from the existing plant.

"We’re very elated about NVR’s expansion," said Marie Keegan, Frederick County’s director of economic development. "They seem to have good plans to work with the community, and they’ve provided good jobs for the northern end of our community for a long time."

Local NVR officials aren’t allowed to provide comments to the media, and NVR spokesman Paul Columbus said the company would release information to the public only through a press release. No release has been made about the expansion.

However, at various county and town meetings regarding the project, NVR officials have said the additional building won’t require a drastic increase in the plant’s work force. Instead, the company will consolidate its panel operations into a single day shift instead of having part of its production done at night.

When the addition is complete, most of the production in the area along North Carroll Street will shift to the new site. Residents in townhouses off North Carroll have complained about noise, dust or truck traffic issues for months.

Thurmont Mayor Martin Burns said the new building’s location away from the residential developments should shift noise, dust and traffic, too.

"It’s yet to be determined if (the expansion) will benefit residents out there," he said. "I think it’s going to be better to have (the employees) all there at one time, in and out. That way, the quality of life for residents out there will improve, especially in the evening."

Mr. Burns credited NVR for working to resolve issues with its neighbors. The plant existed before the homes, he said, but NVR has altered its operations and shifted production based on complaints from neighbors in new townhouses nearby.

Ms. Keegan said NVR’s continued capital investment in Thurmont signals its commitment to the area and its employees.

NVR recently ranked 490th on the list of the 500 largest companies in America, as compiled by Forbes magazine. Company officials have said that about 7,000 detached home and townhouse units will be produced in Thurmont this year as the housing market remains strong.

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