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Enhancing the Quantity & Quality of Water


My name is Ed Smariga of Buckeye Development LLC, developer of the proposed Silver Fancy community located on the north side of Emmitsburg. On April 29, 2003 the residents of Emmitsburg will have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether this unique community of top quality single-family homes and townhouses should become part of Emmitsburg.

The quantity & quality of residential water in Emmitsburg has, and continues to be, a major concern for many residents. With restrictions on everything from watering gardens to washing cars, a new housing development seemed to be the last thing the towns need. Unless of course, the development brought in more water than it would use. This is precisely what the Silver Fancy Development will do.  Buckeye has agreed to provide well (s) providing at least 200 gallons per day, which exceed the average of 135 gallons per day now used according to Emmitsburg Staff Report.

Additionally under the agreement with the town, Buckeye Development has agreed to:

  • Provide the town with land, at no charge to the town, to site a well, or wells, a treatment building, and a water storage/pressure tank;
  • Provide, at the developer's cost, water mains necessary to tie said well and tank into the water system of this development; and,
  • Upgrade the water main from Main Street, up North Seton Ave, to the development, at developer's cost, with a new 10" main so as to provide adequate volume and pressure to serve this project as well as improve the ability of the Vigilant Hose Company to fight fires along North Seton Ave and in the North Gate development by upgrading five current substandard fire hydrants (four on North Seton and one of De Paul Street).  This work will be at the developers cost with 50% of the cost reimbursed through future tap credits.

The new homes in Silver Fancy will be serviced by new, up to date, water and sewer mains, constructed at the developer's cost, which will require little or no maintenance for 20-30 years leaving the balance of the tap fee and impact fee to be used by the Town for more pressing expenses.

By approving the Silver Fancy Annexation, the residents of Emmitsburg will finally be able to resolve some of the town's long-standing water quality issues. Residents along North Seton area will be able to enjoy sweet, cool, clear water as the founders of the Emmitsburg Water Company 120 years ago intended you to. We ask for your support on April 29th. Vote Yes on the Silver Fancy Annexation request.

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