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Peak Benefits Group establishes initiative to help non-profits

(3/2018) Eric Vinores, Thurmont business owner and proprietor of Vinores Financial Services and Peak Benefits Group, is working on an initiative to help local non-profits. He started the charity program, "Planning with Purpose," at the end of last year and intends on keeping the program running well into the future.

Vinores noted that the idea of starting this program, which is run through Peak Benefits Group, started while working with a few local groups with regular donation campaigns. The desire to create a program that would reach a broader group of people in order to spark a larger donation effort grew from there. Through years of working within communities Vinores noticed that local communities thrive when the whole group works together to put forth effort. "Not everyone in the community has the means of financial contributions, but by holding their families up to the traditions and pride of the local community it allows those local donations to go much further to benefiting the whole society," said Vinores. With this thought in mind, the "Planning with Purpose" charity program was created to encourage local members of the community to plan for their family needs and future, and in turn, these efforts are amplified through a charitable donation for their efforts. "Citizens planning and preparing for themselves with the financial support of local business allows all local programs to thrive," Vinores mentioned.

Every three months, Peak Financial Group donates to a different charity: one locally and one nationally. In their first quarter, local food banks were chosen, to help provide families with warm food during the cold winter months. For the upcoming quarter, March – May, the charity of choice is Thurmont Safe and Sane Program, locally, or American Red Cross, nationally. Additionally, each client is also given the option to choose another charity to donate to. The promotions and charities are selected based upon a specific need for a selected time of the year. Thurmont Safe and Sane was selected in the second quarter to prepare as schools begin to have year-end functions, and as children are out for the summer this would provide funds to help programs they participate in.

In order to qualify for a One Time Contribution to Charity, clients simply need to review one aspect of their family and insurance plans. This upcoming quarter the promotion selected is to review family Long Term Care Planning for the aging generations. Additionally, clients can choose to qualify for a progressive valued contribution to charity by following a four-step program (G-I-V-E Family Protection and Prosperity) to insuring their family and future. This four-step program entails gathering details for current family plans, goals and policies to review with a professional; investigating the benefits of each policy owned and how they impact family goals; valuing the priority level of each goal and how meaningful current policies are to achieving purpose and determine adjustments to make to improve plans; and finally, executing a plan for long-term success.

Vinores noted that by initiating this program he can hopefully encourage the community to become involved in their own planning and family needs but also, encourage more people to realize the need for these charity efforts in order to help the local communities and get more people out as a whole group effort.

"Planning with Purpose" is still in the beginning stages and community interest is a necessity to allow the program to grow and thrive. For those interested in learning more, please visit or stop by the office located at 18 Frederick Road, Thurmont to speak to an agent. The Vinores Financial and Peak Benefits Group team consists of three insurance licensed agents for life & health insurance as well as a Financial Planner for investment services who are eager to help members of the community plan for their futures.

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