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County Commissioners to Present Proposed FY-2014 Operating Budget at Public Hearing

(4/19) The Frederick Board of County Commissioners today approved taking the FY2014 Proposed Operating Budget of $516 million, the Fiscal Year 2014 General Property Tax Rate and changes to the Electric Lighting District Tax Rates to a public hearing at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7, at Urbana High School, 3471 Campus Drive, Ijamsville, Md.

The public hearing will include consideration of a change in the real property tax rate that would be higher than the constant yield tax rate. The constant yield tax rate for FY2014 is calculated to be $0.9575 per $100 of assessed value for Frederick County, excluding the City of Frederick and Myersville. The current rate is $0.936, which is $0.0215 lower than the constant yield rate. The proposed property tax rate is $1.064 which is the sum of the current property tax rate of $0.936 and the current Urban fire tax rate of $0.128. The proposed budget combines the current property tax rate and current urban fire tax rate into a consolidated property tax rate and eliminates the separate fire tax district rates.

Board President Blaine Young commented, "The proposed change in the real property tax rate represents the consolidation of the fire tax into the county’s General Fund in such a way that will bring predictability and stability to the fire service in Frederick County. After much welcome input from volunteer and career firefighters, this board has taken the bold move to abolish and totally eliminate the fire tax rates in order address the longstanding deficits and to allow more clarity and flexibility in staffing options for this important public safety service.

"The Board of County Commissioners welcomes public feedback on our proposed FY2014 Operating Budget, which represents much hard work and difficult decisions in funding the most important core government programs and services. In spite of continuing challenges to the economy and threats of federal and state budget cuts, we have presented the taxpayers of Frederick County with a balanced budget. We still have much work to do on the budget and look forward to public comment at the upcoming hearing."

At the hearing, the public is also invited to comment on proposed changes to tax rates in the Braddock Heights Electric Lighting District to $0.018 per 100 dollars of assessed value and in the New Addition Electric Lighting District to $0.013 per 100 dollars of assessed value. The current tax rates are insufficient to cover the electric costs in these districts.

In addition, the board’s action today included the funding of an additional $1.5 million (one time funding) to the Board of Education outside the Maintenance of Effort to supplement a state security grant initiative, two school renovation projects -- Liberty Elementary School chiller and Brunswick High School HVAC – in addition to technology initiatives.

Volunteer fire funding incentives in the proposed budget include additional funding for volunteer fire and/or rescue companies that do not have around-the-clock career staffing and an increase in the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) benefit for volunteer firefighters.

The Frederick County Budget Office will release the Proposed Budget Book tomorrow and it may be found at

For additional information, visit or contact Budget Officer Regina Howell at 301-600-3191 or via e-mail at

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