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From the Desk of Carroll Valley Mayor Ron

(1/2013) It is January and you all probably know what I am about to share. Have you heard the expression "Ring out the old, ring in the new?" After some research, I come to find that January gets its name from a Roman god of beginnings and transitions called Janus. This Janus is a two faced god that looks back in the old year and forward into the new year. I guess this is where "resolutions" come into play. A resolution is a pledge or promise to one’s self to make the new year a better one for ourselves and hopefully those all around us. The tradition of making resolutions at the beginning of a new year may have come from this two faced god. And, if these resolutions are not too unrealistic, we may even be successful in achieving them. Some resolutions may even be prompted by others.

For example, I resolve to get rid of all of my old computer peripherals prompted by a loved one in my household. Problem is how to accomplish the task. Please be aware that as of January 24, 2013, by law, Park’s Garbage is not allowed to collect your electronic waste. Remember last January the full implementation of the Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA) went into effect. This meant that approved certified recyclers will accept all electronic/electric items for recycling – basically anything with a cord as long as the item does not contain any Freon, oils or fuels. In Adams County, the Adams Rescue Mission at 2515 York Road in Gettysburg is an approved CDRA certified recycler and will accept computers, monitors, peripherals and televisions.

If you are unsure whether the Adams Rescue Mission will accept an item, you can reach them at 334-7502. If you would like to get a copy of the Adams County recycling pamphlet, contact the Adams County Environmental Services Department located at 670 Old Harrisburg Road, Gettysburg or send me an email and I will reply with a pdf copy of the pamphlet. The next resolution given to me to accomplish was to get rid of the old oil and antifreeze I have stored in the garage. Well, for residents of Carroll Valley and Fairfield, you can deposit all in Carroll Valley behind the Municipal Services Building at 14 Ranch Trail. You can pour your waste oil, hydraulic oil and transmission fluid into the flat black tank marked waste oil next to the building. The anti-freeze should be poured into the blue drum next to the black waste oil tank.

You are asked that all empty containers be placed in the large dumpster. Maybe one of your resolutions for 2013 could be to serve on one of Carroll Valley’s committees, authority and board. There are vacancies on the Sewer & Water Authority, the Zoning Hearing Board as an alternate and on the Public Safety Committee. If you are interested, please contact Gayle Marthers, the Borough Secretary, for an application form.

Fairfield Boy Scout, Austin T. Stroup (15) announced the completion and dedication of the Firefighter’s & First Responder’s Jogging and Fitness Trail. Austin worked closely with the Director of Facilities, Mr. Perry Joy to design, plan and build the fitness trail located at the Federal Emergency Management Administration/Emergency Management Institute (FEMA/EMI) in Emmitsburg, MD. As a requirement to achieve the Eagle Scout Award, Austin began planning and coordinating this project in November, 2011. He led his fellow Boy Scouts from Troop 76 as well as, adults and other helpers throughout the summer and fall to complete the quarter mile trail which consists of four (4) health and fitness stations; and totaled over 500 hours of cumulative work. Stations number one and two can be seen along US Route 15 between the MD 140 and South Seton Avenue exits. Austin represented Troop 76 by dedicating the Fitness Trail to the United States Firefighters and First Responders in his project completion ceremony on November 21st. FEMA Staff and Manager Valerie Benson were present and expressed their most sincere appreciation for the hard work, dedication and service that Austin, his Scouts and helpers have delivered to the community.

When I was growing up in New York City, my grandma use to take me to the west side of upper Manhattan to the RKO movie theater. She would pack us a couple of sandwiches for lunch and we would take the bus across town, sit in the balcony, have our lunch and watch two movies for fifty cents. Times have definitely changed. But you still can watch some of those black and white movies today because of such groups as the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA). What is a Moving Image Archivist? It is an individual responsible for preserving, restoring, and making accessible moving image heritage including film, television, video, and digital media. On December 5th, at the conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) in Seattle, Carroll Valley resident Susan Dalton was awarded AMIA’s Silver Light Award for Career Achievement in Moving Image Archives. Dalton spent over 20 years as a film archivist, first at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Video Preservation in Madison and then at the American Film Institute in Washington, DC. Congratulations on your award and thank you Susan for rescuing orphaned and endangered films. The next time I watch a black and white film on television, I will be wondering if this is one you saved.

2012 resulted in many developments and changes in the local Earned Income Tax (EIT) system within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but more significantly for the residents and taxpayers of Adams County. As a result of Act 32, the number of earned income tax collectors in PA was reduced from approximately 550 to 19. YATB (York Adams Tax Bureau) now manages the local earned income system for all 40 taxing entities in Adams County which includes; 13 Boroughs, 21 Townships and 6 School Districts. In addition to reducing the number of EIT collectors, the Act also provided for much greater oversight and accountability in the collection and distribution of the tax while placing greater demands on the bureaus or agencies who administer the program. To make it easier for our local residents to visit the tax bureau office, a new facility has opened in Gettysburg at 240 West Street in the West Street Plaza next to the WellSpan facility. All contact information, including phone and fax numbers, PO Box numbers and email addresses remain the same. The phone number is (717) 334-4000. If you have a EIT question, give them a call for assistance.

You may want to mark your calendar for the Planning Commission meeting being held on February 4th at 7:00 pm at the Borough Office. Why? Eluma, Inc., the developer who owns the 107-acre wooded tract, known as the Mallow Tract, is planning to give a presentation to the Planning Commission. The subject of the presentation will address how they are planning to develop their property. If you are not familiar with the location of the property, it is the wooded area across from Ski Liberty. It is bordered by Sanders and Tract roads on one side and the K section on the other side. They have been meeting with the Planning Commission for over four months answering questions. At the last Planning Commission, they were asked to give the Commission members a PowerPoint presentation that visually shows their development concept.

The Carroll Valley Citizens Association’s Holiday Gala that was held on December 15th was a great success with over sixty people in attendance. Elections were held. The CVCA officers for 2013 are: Chuck Whitlow (President); George Fisanich (Vice President), Sherry DeMartino (Secretary), and Susan Dalton (Treasurer). The Board Members are (in alphabetical order): Jale Dalton, Mayor Ron Harris, Di Kaplan, Kathy McCabe, Marie Schwartz and Judi Whitlow. Congratulations to everyone. On behalf of the CVCA members, thank you Charles Dalton for your service as President. Pictures of the Breakfast with Santa, Carroll Valley Tree Lighting, and the CVCA Holiday Gala can be seen at

Borough meetings in January are: Planning Commission (Jan 7th), , Borough Council (Jan 15th), Parks/Recreation Committee (Jan 23rd) and Sewer/Water Authority (Jan 28th). Please reduce your speed to make sure you, your loved ones, your friends and neighbors will be safe. If you have any questions call me at (301) 606-2021 or email at

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