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Brad Rigler announced his candidacy for Fairfield Area School Board

(4/23) Brad Rigler, of Liberty Township announced his candidacy for Fairfield Area School Board at an event in Fairfield. Rigler and his wife, Vanessa surprised supporters when he told them that, "we’re expecting our first child in October. This is what we’ve been praying for, and this is what inspired me to run for School Board."

Discovering that he would soon be a father had a profound effect on Rigler. "As the father of a future Fairfield Knight, I want to improve upon and then preserve the quality of our schools. We can achieve this by following a sustainable path of responsible spending, while remaining true to the Fairfield community’s shared value of education and shared pride in athletics."

Fairfield Mayor, Bob Stanley, and Liberty Township Supervisor, Bob Jackson attended the event. Both serve with Rigler on F.R.E.M.A (the Fairfield Area Emergency Management Agency). Mayor, Bob Stanley said, "Caroline and I certainly support his candidacy. Brad has served the Fairfield area well on F.R.E.M.A. I know he’ll show the same dedication on the School Board."

Although Rigler is a Republican, he has cross filed to run for School Board. "This position transcends political affiliation. Our children’s education is a bipartisan value."

Rigler said, "In the Fairfield Area School District, sixty cents of every dollar paid in local taxes goes to the school district. And the 2014 Fairfield Area School District budget being considered, includes another increase in the millage rate. Sadly, the combination of higher taxes and fewer students has not resulted in smaller class sizes. The cost per student continues to rise, but in way, our students are receiving less."

The solution to this problem, Rigler believes can be found close home. "Fairfield is traditionally an agricultural community. I grew up on a farm. I learned how farmers find ways to ‘make due’ using only the resources they have on hand. ‘Making due’ simply requires ingenuity and creativity, two traits which don’t cost a thing but can save us a whole lot. These are a few of the traits I will use in service on the Board. I’m optimistic this approach will allow us to provide more for our students, while remaining responsible stewards of the taxpayers’ money."

Rigler’s concern for the school district wasn’t just financial. "I’ve learned disturbing information about Common Core, which is a controversial curriculum imposed on districts by the Federal Government. Common Core was recently implemented in Pennsylvania. It will eliminate input from parents and the Board on what’s being taught in the classroom. That’s one of the reasons I’m opposed to Common Core. Parents should have a say in what their children are being taught."

In closing, Rigler told those assembled that "I believe that it is by serving our community that we best serve our children. I’m asking for your vote in the May, 21st primary."

Brad Rigler, 37 is a licensed Real Estate Agent. He serves on F.R.E.M.A, the Liberty Township and Adams County Planning Commissions. He is a member of the Kiwanis and Rotary Club. He and his wife, Vanessa belong to Gettysburg United Methodist Church.

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