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Part-time police pay increased following resignation

(10/16) Following on the heels of the resignation of a part-time police officer, Carroll Valley Borough Council decided at their October 15 meeting to increase the pay scale for part-time police from $16 to more than $20 per hour.

Patrolman Dan Lanious resigned from the force effective September 30. Lanius had been on the force since 2007, borough Police Chief Richard L. Hileman told the News-Journal.

As a part-time officer, Lanious worked an average of under 30 hours a week, borough Secretary Gayle Marthers told the newspaper, noting that “some weeks he worked up to 32 hours.”

The position carries no benefits, being a part-time job, and the pay, until the council’s October 15 meeting, was locked-in at $16 an hour.

Hileman told the council that his concern with finding a replacement for the vacated position was that the pay rate was too low to attract many applicant. Liberty and Cumberland townships, he said, are around $18.50 an hour, while Gettysburg is around $18.

In addition, the chief noted, while the position he wishes to fill to replace Lanious is a part-time job, in actuality it is “a part-time (officer) working a full-time position (given the hours involved).” On top of that, he said, part-timers are not provided with any benefits.

Hileman also pointed out that part-time officers with most forces only fill-in as needed, while in Carroll Valley, the part-time position is that of a front line officer who has regular on-duty hours of operation.

“In fairness, we may have some difficulty with that (finding a part-time officer),” Hileman stated in reference to the surrounding municipalities paying more money per hour and the fact that this is not just a fill-in position.

Councilman Ken Lundberg agreed, saying, “Our salary bar is not compatible with some of the other departments here (in the area).” Council President John Van Volkenburgh concurred, stating, “I’m for a (pay) rate increase.”

With that said, the council agreed to raise the pay scale for a part-time officer to $21.50 per hour.

Councilman Neal Abrams said, in closing, “We’re going to miss Dan Lanious. He was one of those guys who was always there (when an officer was needed).”

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