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Hamiltonban allocates fire funds

(10/2) The Hamiltonban Township Board of Supervisors distributed money allocated by the state to the various fire companies that serve the township at their October 1 meeting.

The distribution of funds was based on the percentage of emergency responses provided by each of the fire companies to the township.

This allocation year, the state Volunteer Firefighters’ Relief Association provided Hamiltonban Township with $19,125 representing the municipalities’ annual share of a two-percent tax imposed by the state on fire insurance premiums written by insurance companies that are not incorporated in Pennsylvania.

Of the $19,125 allocation, the supervisors voted unanimously to provide Fountaindale Volunteer Fire Company with 50 percent, representing $9,562.

Fairfield Fire & EMS was allocated 30 percent, or $5,737, while Cashtown Community Fire Department and South Mountain Volunteer Fire Company were each allocated ten percent, or $1,912.

In other fire department related business, the supervisors directed the township solicitor to produce a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which, when completed, will produce an agreement, between the municipality and the various fire companies that serve it, containing specific stipulations of what is expected of those emergency services.

Board of supervisors Chairman Robert L. Gordon stated that the Adams County Council of Government (COG) recommended that municipalities establish MOUs with their respective fire services.

"We’ve never done this in the past," Gordon said, "but this is recommended (by COG)," that all municipalities "have one to agree who is to do what."

In other business, the supervisors noted that a public hearing regarding will be coming up regarding a conditional use permit required by a proposed communications tower that will be part of the county’s new communication system upgrade.

The county is proposing to construct the tower in a portion of Michaux State Park located in Hamiltonban Township in the vicinity of Teaberry and Cold Spring roads.

Secretary/Treasurer Deborah Feiler said the county will have to obtain a conditional use permit from the township to erect the tower because the tower would be located on land designated as Woodlands Conservation by the municipality.

Editor’s Note: The meeting conditional use hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m., October 31, at the township office.

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