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Fairfield Fire & EMS lauded for aid

(6/22) Three Fairfield Fire & EMS emergency medical services members were honored in June for outstanding care by a Maryland hospital.

Fairfield EMS Captain Kip Hamilton said, "We are very pleased and proud to announce that three of our EMS providers, Holly Barnes, Patrick Henry and Zach Sites, who was working as a Wellspan Paramedic on the call, were awarded The Meritus Excellence in Care Award " on June 13.

The award was presented to the three recipients by the Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown.

"Of all the patient runs that originated in PA last year that transported to Meritus, Holly, Patrick, Zach and the Paramedic on the Maryland State Police helicopter were selected to receive this award for outstanding patient care," Hamilton noted.

The award is an annual recognition of outstanding EMS care provided by EMS personnel in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by the Maryland medical center.

Hamilton said the three recipients were dispatched for an ill person at the Liberty Mountain Resort who was presenting with "some unusual symptoms."

"Holly and Patrick were quick to suspect that the patient was having a stroke and they asked for a helicopter as the quickest means of transport to the closest stroke center," Hamilton said. "Zach assumed patient care on his arrival at the scene and they had the patient ready to be transferred to the aircrew."

The EMS captain stated that, "as a direct result of Holly and Patrick’s quick thinking, the care provided on the scene by Zach and rapid transport to the stroke center, the patient was able to be treated successfully and has suffered exactly zero complications and has returned to a completely normal, asymptomatic life with their family."

"We are so proud that out of all the patient encounters in Pennsylvania last year that our crew was selected," Hamilton stated. "It says a great deal on not only the level of patient care available to the residents of our community, but the way a paid and volunteer provider were able to work seamlessly together, resulting in the best possible result for their patient."

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