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Carroll Valley, Fairfield mayors reelected

(11/4) Carroll Valley Borough incumbent Mayor Ronald Harris and Fairfield Borough incumbent Mayor Robert R. Stanley will retain their seats as a result of the November 5 general election, but two Fairfield council seats remained unfilled.

Harris and Stanley ran unopposed in their respective municipalities. Harris received 494 (97.44 percent) of the 507 votes cast in Carroll Valley. The remaining three votes were write-ins. Stanley received 81 (91.01 percent) of the 89 votes cast, the difference, as in Harris’ case, being write-ins.

Regarding the borough Council, four candidates, including three incumbents, vied for nomination for three vacant, four-year term seats, and one vacant, two-year-term seat.

The three vacated four-year seats included those of John Van Volkenburgh, Daniel Joseph Patton and Ken Lundberg, all of whom ran for reelection. The two-year seat was that from which former Councilman William Reinke resigned, and is being held temporarily by appointee, and former councilman, Frank Buhrman.

Van Volkenburgh, Patton and Lundberg were all reelected, Van Volkenburgh garnering 305 votes (25.37 percent), Patton with 311 votes (25.87 percent) and Lundberg with 293 votes (24.38 percent). Defeated in a bid for one of those seats was John Cazalas, with 271 votes (22.55 percent). In addition there were 22 write-in votes.

Candidate Thomas K. Fitzsimmons won the two-year seat with 313 votes (58.61 percent), defeating contender Donna A. DesPres who received 219 votes (41.01 percent). There were only two write-in votes.

In Fairfield Borough, three seats needed to be filled, including those of councilmen Dean Thomas, Alex Kessell and Shawn Gageby.

Of these, only Dean Thomas’ name appeared on the ballot, and Thomas garnered 91 votes (71.65 percent) of the 127 votes cast. The balance of the votes, 36 in number, were for write-ins.

The borough has a couple of options in filling the two remaining vacant seats which were not filled in the election. One is to offer the seats to qualified write-in candidates. Seats remaining unfilled after those offers are made can then be filled by appointment.

In Hamiltonban Township, two township Board of Supervisors six-year term seats were up for election. The seats being vacated are those presently occupied by supervisors Harry Rood and James Grinder.

Contesting the incumbents were former Supervisor Edward Deardorff and former township Secretary

LuAnn Dille, both of whom prevailed, Deardorff garnering 316 votes (54.20 percent) and Dille with 258 votes (44.25 percent).

Two Fairfield area residents also ran for one county position and one area school board position.

Fairfield area resident Brad Rigler was elected to a seat on the board of the Fairfield Area School District with 32 votes (20.63 percent of the votes cast).

Fairfield area resident Robert "Bob" Jackson was defeated in a bid for county treasurer by incumbent Theresa Terry Adamik. Jackson received 6,788 (45.63 percent) votes to Adamik’s 8,075 (54.29 percent).

According to the Adams County Office of Elections & Registration, 15,379 ballots were cast in the election county-wide.

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