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From the Desk of Carroll Valley Mayor Ron

(7/2102) When July comes around, my thoughts go to July 4th. As mentioned in the June issue, I hope you are planning to attend Carroll Valley's July 4th Celebration. It is being held on Wednesday, July 4th. If you want to browse the schedule of events, click on to see all that is going on. Dave Hazlett, our July 4th webmaster, has done an outstanding job in designing the website and making it very intuitive to get to the information. Check out the children's rides. Kids can slide through the rainforest or take a ride on our very own 72 foot long aircraft carrier. The two gigantic inflatable rides will be available when the celebration opens at 2:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm. And the rides are free. Back again this year is the Carroll Valley Railroad. See the festival from the comfort of your seat traveling through the park. It is also free and ride as much as you want. There will be three live bands entertaining you throughout the day and they are: Niel & Shannon, Static Trees, Sprinkler Heads, and the Dyin' Eyler Brothers. Once again, thanks to our sponsors Liberty Mountain Resort and Conference, Adams Electric Cooperative and the Borough of Carroll Valley, a twenty minute fireworks display will be performed on the top of Ski Liberty Mountain. If you have never been, it is the place to be. Visit the website.

Did you celebrate July 2nd' It was 'I Forgot' day. Don't know the history of how it came into being. So if you didn't celebrate it, don't give it a second thought. You always could say you forgot about it. I would not forget about celebrating July 7th which is Chocolate Day. It is definitely an excuse, if you need one, to indulge yourself with 'Oh Yea!' chocolate. However, I recently found out that chocolate is a vegetable. So now I am faced with a problem, I don't like vegetables but I love chocolate. I guess I will just forget I don't like vegetables and eat chocolate. I can always say 'I am celebrating Forgot day' There are so many things to remember. Here is another holiday I am sure you will like. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan by presidential proclamation set aside the third Sunday in July (July 15th) as National Ice Cream Day. President Bill Clinton proclaimed the fourth Sunday in July (July 22nd) as National Parents Day. It is a day set aside not for giving gifts but rather a day to be used to spend some quality time with your parents. One of the things I have learned over time about my parents was the older I got the smarter they became.

The phone rings. You answer it and hear, 'Hi grandma, it's your favorite grandson'. You respond, 'Is that you, Bobby''. Bobby answers, 'Yes, my wallet has been stolen and I lost all my money.' He continues 'Would it be possible for you to wire me some money so that I can get through the month'' 'I really don't want to tell mom and dad'. 'Please grandma'. Well grandma don't send any money. It is a scam. The unsuspecting victim wires the money. But the real Bobby doesn't know anything about it. The phone rings again. This time the individual says 'I am from the Medicare Health Insurance Senior Service Center and we are in the process of sending out your new updated identification card. I need to verify some information before I process the ID card for delivery. Is your name so-and-so' Do you live at' Is your phone number' To verify what you are who you say you are, please tell me what bank you use to pay your medical bills not covered by Medicare' What is your account number' Don't give the caller anything. It is a scam. Even though they have your name, address, and telephone number does not mean that they are legit. You should never give personal information such as social security and/or bank account numbers over the phone. If you are suspicious, call your local or state police and report the call. Usually, these scammers target the elderly. However, anyone can receive a call.

Summer has started which means those heat alerts are being broadcast. There are three types of messages that are sent out to the populace and they are: Excessive Heat Outlook, Excessive Heat Watch and an Excessive Heat Warning/Advisory. An Excessive Heat Outlook is used to indicate that a heat event may develop and the emergency management and public health officials should be prepared. An Excessive Heat Watch means an excessive heat event may occur in the next 12 to 48 hours. Finally, an Excessive Heat Warning/Advisory is issued within 12 hours of the onset of the following criteria: heat index of at least 105˚F for more than 3 hours per day for 2 consecutive days, or heat index more than 115˚F for any period of time. Why pay attention' According to the NOAA National Weather Service, the statistical data shows that heat causes more fatalities per year than floods, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined. What to do' Here are a few tips. Slow down and do not perform any strenuous activities. Drink plenty of water or other non-alcohol fluids even though you may not feel thirsty. If you have problems retaining fluids, consult your physician before increasing your fluid intake. Eat light meals to decrease your metabolic heat production. Wear lightweight light-colored clothing. And naturally, try to spent time in an air-conditioned place.

Summer is also a time to relax and enjoy our natural environment. We are surrounded by the aesthetics and natural beauty of Carroll Valley's country scenery and wildlife. But we need to be aware that the summer months represent a time period when the cases of Lyme disease increase. Why' The reason is that we spend more time outdoors enjoying where we live. Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It is carried to people from a bite from a black-legged or deer tick. The disease affects different body systems, such as the nervous system, joints, skin, and heart. Early symptoms may include headache, fever, fatigue and a characteristic circular skin rash. It is treatable. Some of things you should consider when you are out and about are: stay out of tall grass and un-cleared areas of the forest floor; don't roll in a pile of leaves, check daily for ticks; and if you plan to use insect repellent, be sure to review the safety information on the label. There are many websites that provide information on Lyme disease. One site you may want to visit

Borough meetings to be held in July are: Planning Commission (July 2nd); Finance Committee (July 9th); Borough Council (July 10th) and Parks & Recreation (July 25th). Be sure to mark your calendar for our July 4th Celebration. If you have any questions, call me at (301) 606-2021 or email at Please slow down when driving in the Valley.

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