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Updates from Hamiltonban Township

This has been a year of snowstorms, rainstorms, hurricanes and earthquakes. We always manage to get through what Mother Nature throws at us without too much cause for alarm. For sure, there will be more in the future and we would like our residents to be prepared. The website gives great tips on how to prepare for a storm and also what to do in the aftermath.

If a potential weather disaster proves to be imminent and causes travel and utility problems, your team of Supervisors, Township Staff and the Hamiltonban Township Emergency Management Coordinator will determine if our office should be staffed until the peak of the storm has passed. When that happens, arrangements will be made to staff the Township office to receive calls of assistance, send out periodic email news releases on road conditions or closures to our residents and maintain constant contact with the Adams County Emergency Services Center. If you would like to become a member of our email list please contact the Township office by phone at 717-642-8509 or by email at to be placed on the notification list.

Hamiltonban Township has been very fortunate to have received the approval of over $1,100,000 in grant opportunities to further improvements to our buildings and to assist us in school zone and road improvements. A summary of each follows:

Hamiltonban Township has engaged the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to study the Middle Creek flooding along Carrolls Tract Road and the intersection of SR 116. Through this study USACE will provide the Township with important guidance on ways to make corrections to the situation. The study will also be useful in obtaining aide to make those corrections. This study, with a value of up to $100,000, is Federally funded and will be performed at no cost to the Township.

The Board had hoped to receive the Penn Dot directives for the Fairfield Area School zone signaling to enable us to move forward with that project prior to the 2011 school year, but those contracts were delayed. It is anticipated that the project will be able to move forward in the Spring of 2012. The new LED signaling will be fully paid for through a $25,000 Automated Red Light Enforcement Grant.

There are two gravel roadways in Hamiltonban Township. A Dirt and Gravel Road Assistance Grant has been submitted by the Township for repairs on both Knox Road and Newman Road. Approval for those grants is expected by the end of 2011 for repair and construction in 2012. In addition to preparing both grant submissions, Roadmaster John Harbaugh has recently received Certification by the State of Pennsylvania through its Roads Scholar program. Mr. Harbaugh is Hamiltonban Townshipss first Penn Dot Certified roadmaster. He has completed three years of training programs to earn this distinguished certification.

Construction of the new Municipal Maintenance Building has begun. We are hoping that the road department will be able to move into their new facility by mid January 2012. We are also looking forward to setting a date for a grand opening so that residents will be able tour the facility. Hamiltonban Township has been approved for a Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) $500,000 grant administered by the Governorss Office. We anticipate the release of those funds in the near future prior to the completion of the project. Meanwhile, at the Township Office Building, a restroom has been renovated so that we can meet American Disabilities Act compliancy. This restroom project was partially funded by a Robert C. Hoffman Charitable Trust Foundation grant of $3,500.

The Orrtanna Sewer Treatment Plant must upgrade its facilities in order to continue to serve the residents of Orrtanna. As a result, the Board applied for H20 Community Facilities Grant funding which resulted in a grant award of $495,000. Planning and design of a new plant may begin by yearss end with probable construction in 2012.

With so many avenues of funding aon the waneÓ the Township has been truly fortunate to have been able to secure these various grants to help with areas of improvement that would not have been possible given the current economy.

In closing, The Board of Supervisors of Hamiltonban Township is pleased to report that with careful planning through these challenging economic times we have been able to maintain financial stability. Revenue projections have held up to meet expenses. Each budget expense has been carefully monitored throughout the year to maintain an equal balance between revenues and expenses. Our annual Budget Message will address this further. The Budget Message will be available online and at the Hamiltonban Township Office upon passage of the 2012 Budget. Passage of the 2012 budget is anticipated at the December 6, 2011 Board of Supervisors meeting.

The Hamiltonban Township Board of Supervisors, reported by Coleen N. Reamer, Supervisor.

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