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 Public Hearing on proposed Community of Liberty to be held Sept 8 & 9th

Sept 7, 2003

I hope you will be able to attend the public hearing on the proposed Community of Liberty in Adams County next week. It is on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 8 & 9, at 6:30 p.m. at the Fairfield Fire Hall. You will hear sworn testimony and cross examination from parties and experts on all sides of the issue. More than 200 area residents each time have been showing up at meetings about this development. (There are only about 1,000 residents in the whole township.)

As an update on the issue, the Adams County Planning Commission has recommended rejection of the plan for a number of reasons. The township planning commissions has also recommended rejection. (The Gettysburg Times had articles on Thursday and Friday w/more details--any way to link to those or paste them in from the web?) The supervisors, of course, have the final say.

Below is information that SOL distributed this week. It's more for township residents, but the section on donating funds to SOL applies to Emmitsburg residents, too, and has a good explanation of what SOL is doing.

Concerned about the Community of Liberty?
Ready to Find out What You Can Do Next?

Contact Our Supervisors

Liberty Township supervisors need to hear from as many township residents as possible this week and beyond so they can see how many people are concerned about the proposed development. If you know one of the supervisors, politely call or visit to help them understand their power to reject or modify the current plan. If you don't know them, send a courteous, fact-based letter. Also send a copy of your letter to the editor of the Gettysburg Times and other local papers so the community can hear from as many people as possible on this important issue.

Sample information to include in letters is available. Contact Save Our Liberty at or 642-5156 if you do not have these samples and would like them.

Save Our Liberty would be glad to have copies of your letters so we can present them as evidence of public opinion as well. Email the group or mail to: Save Our Liberty, PO Box 605, Emmitsburg, MD 21727.

Adjoining Property Owners: Apply to Be a "Party" at the Public Hearing

Adjoining property owners should request to be named as an official party in this matter, which means that you would have the right to submit sworn testimony on the record, both at the public hearing and any subsequent court hearing. If you are not registered as a party, any testimony that you offer will not be sworn, and will not be included in the official record.

A Save Our Liberty volunteer should be contacting you this week to explain how you can apply, or you may email for further information, or to request that your name be submitted for party status. Save Our Liberty's attorney will make the official request on behalf of all who submit their names.

Donate Funds to Save Our Liberty

Save Our Liberty has raised approximately $15,000 out of a targeted $50,000. Here is how your money will be used:

Save Our Liberty has retained legal counsel experienced in land use and development, Reager & Adler of Camp Hill, Pa., to review the plan; provide analysis of the proposal as to how it meets zoning ordinances and other requirements; work with engineers, hydrogeologists and other specialists and federal, state, and county agencies to ensure citizens' rights are protected; and be our primary interface with the developer and their attorneys. Our legal counsel will present our testimony at the Public Hearing and any subsequent court hearings.

Our group has retained an environmental consulting firm that is studying the issue of water supply and a traffic engineer who will review the impact of the development upon the surrounding roads. Additional experts will be retained as required to advise on wetlands, storm water and other areas of concern.

Finally, the group needs funds for photocopying and postage as it updates township residents on the issue. The rest of the group's work is done by unpaid volunteers who are conducting research, arranging meetings and communicating with government officials and area residents.

Please send a donation now. Or make a pledge that can be paid over a 3-month period and send the first installment now. Send donations to Save Our Liberty, PO Box 605, Emmitsburg, MD 21727.

Adjoining Property Owners: Attend the Public Hearing on Sept. 8 & 9

The hearing is scheduled for Sept. 8 (and 9, if necessary) at 6:30 p.m. in the Fairfield Fire Hall. Adjoining property owners wishing to speak should have advised SOL in advance that they seek party status and should arrive before the meeting and register to speak and/or provide a written statement.

For more information, contact Save Our Liberty at 717-642-5156 or please email

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