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Flat Run Bridge water line relocation cleared

Danielle Ryan

(3/16) Emmitsburg’s Flat Run Bridge Project, which has hit several standstills, can finally move along as an agreement for the Flat Run Bridge water line relocation has finally been settled upon. According to Town Manager Cathy Willets, who briefed the Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners on the status of the project during the March town meeting, the State Highway Administration (SHA), Milani Construction and the Town have finally settled on a proposition to continue forward with the water line relocation.

In the fall of 2016, the Maryland State Department of Transportation began a multi-million dollar project to replace the MD 140 Bridge over Flat Run and complete sidewalk construction along MD 140 between North Avenue and Silo Hill Road. Problems arose early on in the Flat Run Bridge project as Emmitsburg Town staff repeatedly warned the SHA of the water line’s location and potential hindrance.

The initial delay, according to the state, was a result of drainage issues, which first occurred before the project was underway. Drainage alongside Flat Run Bridge had to be re-designed to allow the project to proceed. While this was completed fairly quickly, it nonetheless set the project back a little. The second problem that arose was the water line issue, which has continuously been causing problems. Thankfully, a resolution to this problem is finally in place.

About three months ago, town staff notified the Commissioners that the water line was holding up the project and they were under negotiations with SHA concerning the cost of relocating the lines. In order for the project to continue SHA determined that 1,112 feet of water line would need to be moved potentially costing the town several thousand dollars. According to the state a "memorandum of understanding" was being worked out between the Department of Transportation, Milani Construction, and the town to determine how this new complication would be paid for. The town, however, has continued to stand firm on the notion that they would not pay to move the water line since the beginning of the project, when they initially informed SHA that the water line would be in the way and they may need to reconsider changing their site plans.

The estimate to relocate the water line is $38,000, but the town’s portion would be half, approximately $19,000. According to the agreement between all three parties involved, Milani Construction and SHA will be splitting the cost, and Milani Construction will be paying the town’s portion and has already written and signed a $28,500 check to the town’s escrow account. Additionally, Milani Construction is obligated to pay any cost above the $28,500 if the work should exceed this estimate.

Once construction begins on the water line water will be shut off in certain areas including the Silo Hill area, McDonalds, Jubilee and surrounding businesses. Town staff discussed having this work done overnight in order to cause the least amount of disruption to residents and businesses. No official starting dates for this work have been announced yet, but everyone affected by the relocation will be notified prior to the start of the construction.

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