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Emmitsburg Ambulance Company and VHC merge

Danielle Ryan

(7/21) Frank Davis, President of the Vigilant Hose Company Fire Department and Mary Lou Little, President of the Emmitsburg Volunteer Ambulance Company, were pleased to announce to the Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners that the merger between the ambulance department and fire department is going smoothly. Two months ago, Emmitsburg’s fire department and ambulance department decided to create a merger, bringing both departments together into one, more convenient location. A meeting was held, which was attended by over 100 members of both departments, and they voted unanimously to merge. Several additional meetings over the past two months, more specifically geared toward planning and coordination, have been occurring among and between leadership of both the EVAC and the VHC as well as with County and Town governmental personnel.

The two on-duty career Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighters began working from the Vigilant Hose Company facility (25 West Main Street / Station 6) at 8 a.m. on Saturday, July 8. Both ambulances were transferred to Station 6 at the same time. Full administrative transition will be effective midnight December 31, 2017, as it is simpler and easier to make final legal changeovers at the start of the new tax year. Davis and Little hope to have everything in the merger completely settled by Jan 1, 2018.

So far, as both Davis and Little commented, the merger has been going seamlessly. In addition, they are pleased to announce that since the merger has started, neither department has failed on a single response. This is surely best for the community of Emmitsburg as well as all surrounding communities that benefit from VHC and Emmitsburg ambulance services.

All aspects of emergency and non-emergency services and community support will hopefully continue to be seamless. Fundraising functions like the always-popular Bingo events and social functions (wedding receptions, meetings, business luncheons, etc.), will continue and likely will be increased. Right now, the focus is on providing the best possible emergency service delivery for all in the greater Emmitsburg area to include the general public, businesses, institutions and agencies that have so generously helped over the years.

VHC Members as well as EVAC Members wish all to know how much they value the wonderful and comprehensive way all are embracing this significant undertaking.

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