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 Emmitsburg news-briefs

Danielle Ryan

(5/9) Compost program in the works

The Emmitsburg Green Team is in the process of working on a composting program for residents in order to further the town’s vision of sustainability. Town Manager Cathy Willets explained to the Board of Commissioners that there is a grant available to start up the Emmitsburg Composting program. The program, run by Backyard Composting, offers compost bins to the town. The town would purchase 40 bins at $27 per bin and the bins would be sold to residents wishing to participate in the program for $20. The total cost to the town, initially, would be $1,080. If all bins were sold, the town would only "be out" $280.

If the town decided to move forward with this program, the bins would be purchased mid-July and would receive them by early August. In order to go forward with the grant the town had to accept a proclamation for international compost awareness week, May 7 – May 13, which was unanimously accepted.

Waynesboro pool hours extended to residents

The Borough of Waynesboro has offered to extend their pool hours and rates to Emmitsbrug residents in lieu of Emmitsburg’s operating pool this summer. Residents of Emmitsburg may use the Northside Pool in Waynesboro, and need only state that they are an Emmitsburg resident. The Board of Commissioners also voted to extend Municipal cooperation by means of reciprocity with Waynesboro in case they should need the same service in the future. This extension applies to season memberships as well as daily admission for the 2017 season.

Mayor Don Briggs also noted that even though there will be no pool open in Emmitsburg this summer, the pool parties will still be taking place. Three pool parties throughout the summer are in the works for residents, and will include food, ice cream and even a DJ.

Pool lighting denied

In April, the Board of Commissioners voted not to purchase extra lighting for the new pool being installed this summer. When Willets reached out to the company installing the new pool, Make N Waves, they noted that extra lighting outside the pool in addition to the proposed lighting within the pool would be required to extend the pool’s hours after dark. Initially, the town thought that they would only need to install in-pool lighting, which would have cost approximately $13,200. However, with the addition of lighting on the deck and pathways, the lighting addition became too costly.

The Board chose not to install lighting, but will be purchasing a new diving board with guardrails at a cost of about $5,000. Lighting may be considered in the future in order to extend the pool’s hours of operation.

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