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Around the Town

(July, 2011) Given the mix-up some Emmitsburg residents experienced with trash pick-up that occurred on Memorial Day this year, the Emmitsburg Town Commissioners want to make sure that residents know that although July 4 falls on a Monday this year, there will be trash pick-up on that day in town.

Sidewalk extension

The town of Emmitsburg is seeking bids to determine the cost to extend the sidewalk along Route 140 from Timbermill Run. Commissioner Tim O’Donnell noted that the lack of a sidewalk there forces pedestrians onto the road, which raises a safety issue.

"The comprehensive plan calls for this connection," he noted.

Besides adding a sidewalk, Town Manager Dave Haller told the commissioners that a plan for redirecting storm water would need to be made. The installation of controlled fill and the creation and recordation of easements would be needed. His estimate is that the project could cost around $42,000, but the project needed to be bid out.

The commissioners voted 4-0 to proceed with soliciting bids.

New barbeque pit coming to Community Park

The Emmitsburg Lions Club has offered to have a sheltered barbeque grill built in Community Park that would be open to anyone using the park. Town Manager Dave Haller said that he could meet with club members to select the best site for the shelter. The commissioners approved the project.

Changes to conservation resource zone approved

The Emmitsburg Town Commissioners voted to make changes to the town’s conservation resource zone description to make clear that the zoning is not permanent.

Town Planner Sue Cipperly told that the commissioners that land zone CR "wasn’t intended to be permanently preserved."

It was intended to be more of a holding classification that allowed property to be zoned without needing to allocate water and sewer taps to it. When this happens and property development is far in the future, it restricts development in town unless additional capacity is found.

Resident Catherine Forrence said that the changes would have unintended consequences. "When you make this text amendment, you are opening up development to these other areas," she said, meaning the town’s parks.

Commission President Chris Staiger said that was unlikely because the property owner would have to request the change and in the case of town parks, the owner was the town of Emmitsburg. He also pointed out that the language doesn’t do anything that can’t be done now. It simply emphasizes the temporary intent of the zoning.

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