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Emmitsburg could join transit route

Emmitsburg residents will be asked to take a survey relating to their interest in the establishment of a bus line to run between the town and Gettysburg Borough.

The proposal is part of an undertaking launched by Carroll Valley Borough Mayor Ronald Harris to entice the Adams County Transit Authority (ACTA) to expand the Gettysburg Freedom Transit (GFT) lines to serve outlying areas.

Harris has met twice with the ACTA to discuss the possibility of extending the current lines down Fairfield Road to Carroll Valley, and possibly south to Emmitsburg, Md.

Mayor Harris told the Emmitsburg Town Council Monday evening that "Emmitsburg is a very good neighbor," and that he does a lot of shopping in Emmitsburg, including grocery shopping.

Harris noted that the existing GFT Blue Line already travels to and from Deatrick Commons, 14 Deatrick Drive, which is located just off Fairfield Road, Cumberland Township, and that this route might be the more easily expanded to take-in runs to Carroll Valley, and possibly beyond.

An expanded route (referred to as the Green Line) to Carroll Valley, aside from Emmitsburg, would provide service along Route 116 (Fairfield Road) to Cumberland, Highland and Hamiltonban townships, and Fairfield and Carroll Valley boroughs.

The proposed route, which could include Emmitsburg, could provide transportation to Gettysburg Hospital, Gettysburg National Battlefield, Harrisburg Area Community College, and Lincoln Square.

An extended route down Route 116 into Emmitsburg would provide bus linkage to stops such as the Fairfield and Emmitsburg shopping areas, Liberty Mountain Resort & Conference Center, Seton Shrine, the future (Emmitsburg) National Fire Museum, as well as other historic and cultural sites.

However, whether or not a new route is added is dependent on demand, Harris stated.

The proposal is at the stage where the ACTA is seeking input regarding anticipated use.

Harris admitted there are outstanding issues, such as a bus line traveling across state boundaries, but, he said, "Why should we investigate (various issues) if we donít have the ridership."

To ascertain demand, a website has been established at where an on-line form can be found for residents in the municipalities that could be served to submit their interest in using a bus service if it were approved.

The Emmitsburg town council noted they would make the form information available on the town website.

Council President Christopher V. Staiger said the proposal would "complete a nice loop (of area historic sites and shopping)...Itís a long 20 some miles down to Frederick," noting that just a short trip north offers so many attractions.

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