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Delauter running for County Commissioner

Kirby Delauter had a busy July spending time at the various town carnivals around Frederick County. It wasn’t so much because he enjoys the rides but because Delauter wants to become a Frederick County Commissioner.

He is telling residents that he wants to get the county’s economy back on track.

"Before the national economy took a dive, Frederick County was well on the way to stopping business growth," Delauter said.

Delauter sees the issues of his campaign as job creation, controlling government spending, eliminating government waste, lowering taxes and encouraging growth.

The key to it all is limiting government. He points out that while private businesses have to make do with less and to make what they have last longer, Frederick County government is willing to continuing buying more than what they need. By controlling spending in the county and eliminating waste, the commissioners would then be able to lower taxes and encourage businesses to locate here.

"Of the top 15 businesses in Frederick County, the number of public sector employees outnumbers the private sector employees two to one," Delauter said.

He also points out that the top three employers in the county are all government operations and the government continues to grow faster than the population of the county.

Delauter is a life-long resident of county who was born and raised in Thurmont. He is a U.S. Army veteran who heads up his family business, W.F. Delauter and Son, in Emmitsburg.

As a businessman, Delauter said he has seen how unfriendly the county has become toward business.

"It can take 15 months to get through planning and zoning," Delauter said. "That’s ridiculous. Some people just give up and walk away. Basically, we’re telling business, ‘We don’t want you here.’"

He has also weighed in on the issue of a waste-to-energy plant in the county. He believes building on a new landfill would cost the county an enormous sum just in lost property taxes from the minimum 1,000 acres that would be taken off the tax rolls.

"I believe the WTE site should be located at the old Eastalco plant. It would have minimal environmental impact there," he said.

His goal is to see the county grow at 3-4 percent a year, which is a sustainable rate. If the county grows faster than that, it’s hard for infrastructure to keep up. If it grows slower than that, you will drive even more business from the county.

Frederick County voters will be choosing five county commissioners from 19 men and women; 7 Democrats and 12 Republicans. The primary election is on Tuesday, September 14 and the general election will be on Tuesday, November 2.

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