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Emmitsburg puts town manager
 on the pay scale

(1/17) Though Emmitsburg Town Manager Dave Haller will continue to have a work contract with the Town of Emmitsburg, his salary will no longer be a negotiating point following a Jan. 7 decision by the Emmitsburg Town Commissioners to place the town manager’s salary on the town’s pay scale.

For the past several years all of the town’s employees have been on the pay scale, which determines their pay based on factors such as job title and longevity at the job. Haller salary and annual increase had been based on a yearly closed-door executive performance review, which did not sit well with everyone on the board.

“I always thought it was a little unusual,” said Commissioner Glenn Blanchard.

Now that Haller is on the pay scale, his pay will be increased according to the town’s public pay schedule, which consists of yearly percentage increases on a 12-grade scale.

“It makes more sense,” said Mayor James Hoover after the decision was made. “Let’s treat them all fair and treat them all equal.”

According to the scale, once a town employee reaches the 12 grade and 12 step, his or her salary is maxed out at $80,763.82, although they can still receive cost-of-living expenses; Haller’s current salary is $73,500.

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