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Commissioners OK temporary sidewalk repairs

(2/1) The Emmitsburg Town Commissioners approved a plan to have town staff make temporary repairs to damaged sidewalks.

“The plan is not intended as a long term or final solution to this problem, but as a temporary or stop-gap means by which to address this public safety hazard,” Town Manager Dave Haller told the commissioners.

The town has nearly 233 square yards of sidewalk that needs to be replaced along Main Street. The temporary measures would replace about 52 square yards with an asphalt compound called “cold patch.”

Haller estimated that, in all, the project would require town staff to work a couple of weeks, but the work will be spread out over the next couple months as the town maintenance crew has time.

“I think it’s good for the town and we don’t have to spend any extra money,” said Commissioner Cliff Sweeney.

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