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Emmitsburg planning chair resigns seat

The Gazette News

(2/8) Rich Kapriva, chairman of the Emmitsburg planning and zoning commission, resigned on Jan. 5, according to Mayor James Hoover.

Town officials said that Kapriva’s resignation was not a surprise.

‘‘He’s been talking about it for a couple months," said planning and zoning commissioner Larry Little.

According to Commissioner Glenn Blanchard, the town’s liaison to the planning and zoning commission, Kapriva had served three years.

Kapriva would not comment about his time on the commission.

Members of the planning and zoning commission serve five-year terms, according to the municipal code, and receive no compensation. They must be residents of Emmitsburg.

Kapriva’s resignation left vacant a seat on the five-member board, and Hoover on Monday nominated Tim O’Donnell, the lone alternate on the planning and zoning commission, to fill the seat.

The board of commissioners voted to put O’Donnell’s approval on the agenda for the Feb. 19 town meeting.

‘‘Nominations are at the mayor’s pleasure," said commission president Chris Staiger. The five-member board of commissioners votes to approve or reject the mayor’s nominees, he said.

Little said that the planning and zoning commission is meeting on Feb. 26 to elect officers. The commission re-elects officers every February, according to the municipal code.

Hoover also recommended that the board appoint Pat Boyle, an alternate member on the board of appeals, to the alternate position on the planning and zoning commission.

Hoover’s recommendation sparked a prepared response against Boyle’s appointment from Commissioner Bill O’Neil.

‘‘I cannot support this appointment. The nominee before us is currently a member of the board of appeals. I believe this presents a conflict in that the nominee conceivably could be placed in the situation of having to vote on a given matter twice," O’Neil said.

Comprehensive plan draft now available

At a Jan. 29 meeting, the planning and zoning commission voted against immediately making available to the public a draft of the new comprehensive plan, Little said.

‘‘It’s a work in progress," he said.

Emmitsburg had hired Jakubiak and Associates to review and develop the plan, which describes ideals for growth and land use in the future.

The town is making the draft available to the public, according to Blanchard.

‘‘We had a chance to look at the first draft of the comprehensive plan, as developed by Jakubiak and Associates," Blanchard said. ‘‘I do believe it will be available very soon to the public so they can look at it."

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