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Town eases parking

Jeremy Hauck
The Gazette

(7/19) Parking on Emmitsburg’s Square and Main Street may become less expensive on weekend nights and on Emmitsburg Community Day

The town’s 125 parking meters stretch along Main Street from Federal Avenue in the east to Jamison Street in the west. One fulltime employee walks the beat every day to make sure drivers have paid for parking spots.

Mayor James E. Hoover’s request to pull back monitored hours on Friday and Saturday will align the town’s laws to its current practice, Hoover said Tuesday.

‘‘We don’t have the people to do it," Hoover said, adding that he expects commissioners to amend the town code in August. ‘‘The board agreed on the hours of operation."

The change will take the meters offline at 6 p.m. on weekend nights, rather than 9 p.m. The meters do not run on Sundays. On weekdays, the meters run from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Emmitsburg Community Day, an annual event organized by the Emmitsburg Lions Club that falls on Saturday, will be considered a parking holiday in the future, Hoover said.

Commissioners on Monday also agreed to establish four 15-minute parking spots on the Square – one at each corner.

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