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Join in the liberation of Emmitsburg

(9/6)  On Saturday, Sept. 15, American troops will arrive in Emmitsburg to “liberate” the town from the Nazis.

The 4th Infantry Division Military Police Platoon (recreated), (made up of about 16 vehicles and 40 soldiers) will march north on South Seton Avenue and through the town square to St. Joseph’s Church.

The 15-minute event will be designed to look like the liberation of a French town with a name similar to Emmitsburg in August 1944. The platoon will liberate the town on their way tow the Eisenhower National Historic Site to participate in their WWII weekend event.

Activities will begin at 10 a.m. Residents are encouraged to line the street similar to how the French welcomed the American troops. The soldiers will also give the children candy and gum as they would have done in 1944. The re-enactors will also arrange to have people handing the soldiers French bread, cheese and wine (sparkling apple cider).

Banners that read “Vive Les Americains!” and “Vive Les Liberateurs” will be hung along the route.

A movie camera operator with Lionheart Filmworks will be part of the convoy. He will be filming scenes during the weekend’s events for a yet-unnamed WWII movie project.

For more information on the Eisenhower Farm WWII event, visit:

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