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Industrial annexation granted
 conditional approval

(9/24) In spite of a lack of applicants or representatives at the Sept. 11 Emmitsburg East Industrial Park Phase II annexation hearing, the board of commissioners unanimously approved that the proposed site become part of the town.

When asked if the board could legally proceed with the hearing without the applicants present, town Attorney John R. Clapp advised the board that they could proceed, and could make as decision.

EEIP Phase II would be located on a 39-acre site, known as the "Waybright property," east of U.S. 15 off Creamery Road, owned by Emmitsburg brothers Sheridan "Dan" E. Reaver Jr. and Gregory Reaver. The Reavers also own EEIP Phase I located on Creamery Way; and the Emmitsburg Glass Company is now located in their new facility on Creamery Court.

The board also denied EEIP's request for an extension on when town real estate taxes would go into effect, voting unanimously to impose taxation in a year following the annexation approval.

Conditions on the EEIP annexation

  • Applicants must pay all costs incurred by the town in processing the annexation.
  • Town real estate taxes will take effect one year from the annexation approval date.
  • Public service improvements expenses necessitated by the proposed development, which would otherwise be at the cost of the taxpayers of the town, are to be paid by the owners/developer.
  • All water and sewer taps fees are to be paid by the owners/developer.
  •  The main site of the EEIP will be zoned light industrial park (IP). Flood plain areas and SHA property on the site are to be zoned as open space.
  • The town, itself, will not require any offsite improvements.
  • Any necessary improvements to the Creamery Road/U.S. 15intersection will be left to the discretion of the Maryland State Highway Administration or the county. However, if EEIP fails to make any county or state-requested improvements, the town may withhold building permits.
  • The applicants must grant the town a 50-foot wide easement across the development site for the location of sewer line extensions.

The proposed timeframe for the industrial park build-out is five to six years. Six lots have been planned, according to general comments submitted by the developers, but more were shown on a site plan presented at a Jan. 23 review. However, Attorney Scott Miller, representing EEIP, previously said the number of proposed lots could still change.

A statement issued by EEIP indicated "at an assessed value of $75 per square foot, with a total build-out of 260,000 square feet, this development could yield an assessable tax base of $20 million, plus or minus."

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