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Vandals damage Emmitsburg Community Pool

Ingrid Mezo

(6/22) This weekend, someone cut the new fence at Emmitsburg Community Pool with a bolt cutter and then entered the building with a key, Town Manager Dave Haller reported during a town meeting on Monday.

‘‘[They] destroyed all the video games there, and entered into a chemical room,” Haller said. ‘‘There are chemicals there that can kill us all.”

Haller said whoever broke in had a key to the facilities.

‘‘The fence and video games were just put in this year, they busted up the vending machine,” Mayor James Hoover said. ‘‘The door wasn’t kicked in, so it appears they had a key. We’ve already now replaced all the locks on the doors so it won’t happen again. And we know who has all the keys.

‘‘We now can account for every single key. The policy that I would like to put in place is each year we’ll re-key the doors for less than $150 to have a little more comfort in it.”

Sgt. Shoemaker of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office told meeting attendees that police have leads on the pool incident and are investigating them.

The damage at the pool is estimated to be $1,000.

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