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Why am I running

Megan LeRoux, Candidate for Clerk of the Court

(4/2018) In this first of three articles, I will explain to you why the clerk's office matters to you. I will reach out to you again and introduce myself to you and explain to you why it is that I am running for office. Finally, I will write to you as to why you should vote for me.

The clerk's office matters to you. Most people do not realize how much our office affects Frederick County residents. The Clerk's office is a local office that interacts with citizens every day.

We issue marriage licenses and can perform marriage ceremonies on site if desired. We issue business licenses and record land and property transactions. Many of Frederick County's historical documents are safely housed at the clerk's office. History buffs love combing through these records for a glimpse at Frederick County's rich past.

The Circuit Court is the family court. Custody, child support, visitation, and divorce are all filed at the clerk's office. If you are involved in a abusive domestic relationship, you can come to the clerk's office to file a petition for protection and obtain the safety that you deserve.

You can petition the court if you would like to change your name. Citizens change their names for a myriad of reason to include marriage, divorce, personal family meaning, errors on birth records, and gender identification.

The clerk's office maintains the record in the courtroom for jury trials and civil litigation trials. Frederick County Circuit Court operates a voluntary drug court program with the goal of reducing substance abuse and improving safety in Frederick County.

We maintain confidential matters such as adoptions, children in need of assistance and juvenile cases.

The clerk's office can assist you by helping you to understand the process and procedure of your case. We are happy to explain the process to you over and over until you are satisfied that you comprehend it. We understand that if you are at our office, you likely are in a stressful period in your life. We realize that you are likely not familiar with the terminology and acronyms that are frequently used and we do our best to explain them to you.

You see, the clerk's office really does matter to you, and you matter to me!

Other than being an elected position, there is nothing political about the Clerk of the Court. The Clerk of the Court does not create or influence policy.

Stay tuned for the next article as to who I am and why it is that I am running for Clerk of the Court. My final article will be why you should vote for me for Clerk of the Court.