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Frequently Asked Question of me

Wendi Peters
Candidate for District 4 State Delegate

Since I announced my candidacy for the Maryland House of Delegates last July, it has been my honor and privilege to travel around District 4 and talk to members of our community about issues that are important to them. It has been a great opportunity for me to listen to citizens? concerns, answer questions and talk about how my experience will make me an effective legislator. What follows are my responses to some of the common questions I have received from voters.

Why are you running for House of Delegates?

My more than two decades of community leadership include 8 years as an elected Councilwoman for Mount Airy making tough decisions, solving problems and working to keep taxes low. I want to take this experience to Annapolis and put it to work for you. My local government experience, coupled with my passion to serve the community will bring fresh insight to Annapolis that demonstrates respect and compassion for taxpayers, business owners and working families.

Will you support agriculture and farm businesses?

My family has been working with the agriculture industry and farm families in Carroll and Frederick Counties for over 50 years. I understand and appreciate the vital role agriculture plays in our economy and our quality of life. I am committed to working with our farm community to reduce burdensome and costly regulations, protect property rights and expand opportunities for commerce within the agriculture industry. I am very proud to have received the endorsement of the Maryland Farm Bureau PAC.

What would you do to strengthen Maryland's economy?

I support comprehensive tax relief including repealing rain tax, stopping the gas tax, cutting individual and corporate income tax rates and eliminating overreaching regulatory burdens. I want to make Maryland a place where families can afford to live, work and retire and where businesses are encouraged to thrive. Comprehensive tax relief is instrumental in strengthening Maryland?s economy.

How would you approach the state budget?

I have 8 years of experience working on municipal budgets, analyzing line-by-line, targeting cuts where appropriate and reducing spending. I support a similar approach at the state level, including independent audits of all agencies and departments. We must make state government more efficient by cutting waste and duplication.

What are your education policy priorities?

My top priority will be to support school choice and empower parents to pursue the best learning environment for their children. I support the repeal of Common Core. Education reform should focus on collaborative efforts of teachers, parents and leaders in our communities, with emphasis on decision-making freedom at the local level and sufficient resources and training to meet the individual needs of each student. I also support revisiting the formula used to allocate state education funds. As your Delegate, I will advocate for a sufficient allocation of state education funds, which are your tax dollars, to be returned to District 4.

What are your thoughts on transportation funding?

All state funds allocated to transportation should be used for that purpose. We need to create a true ?lock box? to ensure that money dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund will not be raided, but will instead be used for transportation operating and capital expenses. District 4 citizens contribute taxes ?dedicated? to this fund and my focus will be to make sure this money gets back to our District for its intended purpose.

As your Delegate, I will ask tough questions, bring vital issues to the forefront and advocate common sense solutions for the challenges facing our State, all while remaining focused on fiscal responsibility. I will accomplish this while always remembering that I work for you, the citizens of District 4. To bring fresh insight to Annapolis next year, I respectfully ask for your vote.

If you have any further questions or need additional information please feel free to call me at 301-829-2525 or visit my website,
(410) 409-8348