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From the Desk of County Council at Large Candidate Wayne Creadick

My decision to seek the peoples vote for the 2014 Frederick County At-Large County Council seat did not come lightly. There are significant personal sacrifices, which unless you have served as an elected official, you would not understand or appreciate. My desire, at this stage in my life, is to capitalize on my current elected official experience, including both successes and failures, but most importantly my ability to serve the people and extend my time, talent and energy to serve a larger constituency.

I believe the following skills, successfully practiced for over 13 years as an elected official, should be accepted as strong qualifications to serve effectively in the At-Large County Council position: Four term Mayor, Frederick County Sheriff’s Department Citizens Police Academy Graduate. Learned and practiced in the disciplines of: Structure of Government; Ethics; Open Meetings; Conducting Effective Public Meetings; Budgeting; Employment Issues; and Consensus and Team Building. Additionally, I’ve gained practical experience in Land Use and Comprehensive Land Use Planning; Communications; Legal and Liability Issues; Intergovernmental Relations; Finance; Economic Development and Tourism.

As a Frederick County Councilman my top three priorities would be:

First, establish and execute the infrastructure, policies, procedures, legislation and related tasks to successfully implement the new Charter form of government in Frederick County.

Second, quickly establish a productive legislative body of newly elected individuals and set the precedence for how the County Council will work together with the new County Executive in a manner and process that will best serve the needs of Frederick County’s Citizens, first and foremost, and then the needs of others like, Business and Industry.

Third identify the issues of Frederick County’s Citizens which need addressed and not specifically what I believe the issues to be, then prioritize the people’s issues – albeit many, and set a plan of action to address each with clear goals and objectives and a timeline for resolution under our new Charter form of Government.

I do understand, in the role of At-Large Councilman, the issues facing one district are equally as important as the issues in any other Council District. Interestingly, in my discussions with County residents regarding ‘issues’, the issues facing Frederick County residents are being manifested at a National, State and Local Government level. The issues are numerous and change daily or become reprioritized based on the direct affect they have on the individual at any particular moment. However, the most common concern expressed to me is the ever increasing lacks of trust and faith, individuals are holding for their elected representatives, even here in Frederick County.

The system is failing at all levels and politics is taking precedence over the people. Until change is made and the elected truly represent the people, the challenges will remain, if not worsen. I’m being encouraged to not become that problem too, which I am ensuring everyone I will not. I trust the County Citizens at-large, would recognize my elected official experience, credentials, education and most importantly my leadership record, would best serve the needs of the County’s Citizens.

I have been encouraged by a diverse group of everyday Citizens, to continue my unselfish service to represent the entire County, holistically addressing the needs and issues of the north, south, east and west regions of Frederick County with equal passion and conviction. As such, I want to do the right thing without being asked. Engage with and commit to every community. Lead with integrity and character. And, make every day for Frederick County’s Citizens inclusive, satisfactory and meaningful. I want to be "The People's Choice for the People's Voice".

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