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From the Desk of State Delegate Kelly Schultz

Why this election is important

(10/1) As I have continued to travel throughout northern Frederick County, I am reminded that voters may not have paid attention to the upcoming election, and thus may not be aware of the importance of the outcome. This year will be a very important year for families, taxpayers and business owners. The State and the County will be going through some major changes – and your voice (and VOTE) is needed.

Another reality that I am faced with is the number of taxpayers that are not registered to vote. Without going into all of the reasons why every eligible person should vote, I will simply offer a convenient way to do so: go to and register on-line. You have until October 14th to register.

Frederick County now has early voting options if you do not think you can get to the polls on November 4th. Personally, I vote the old fashioned way on Election Day, but I do understand that the convenience has been beneficial for some voters. If you choose to do so, there are three locations in the county. North County has the option to vote at the Thurmont Regional Library located at 76 East Moser Road beginning October 23rd until October 30th. Hours are 10am until 8pm.

So, why is this year so special? Why is it so important to vote? The simple answer is that our County and State will have the opportunity to direct our future in many ways over the next 4 years and you, the taxpayer, needs to be a part of that discussion.

Perhaps it is easier to understand how important it is to vote in the newly formed County Executive and Council races. Frederick County will be electing the first County Executive in history. Regardless of your Party affiliation, this year will determine the future of our local government for many years. It is extremely important to keep all candidates on task and get answers to those questions that are most important to you and your family.

However, equally as important this year are the State races. Maryland will have the opportunity to elect an entirely new administration, and for the first time in many years, it appears that there is a legitimate chance that someone other than the majority party could take over the State House. Larry Hogan is a business man with ties to Frederick County. He understands how important our rural way of life is and has vowed to work to eliminate the burdens that have been placed on our region over the past 8 years.

Mr. Hogan realizes that our gas tax dollars need to be spent on local roads and infrastructure! There is a severe lack of understanding from the O’Malley/Brown administration as to why revenues from our local gas tax payers should come back to our community, as opposed to mass transit.

He understands that the state is taxing us out of our community! Between the gas tax increase, Rain Tax, and 40 other tax increases over the past 8 years, it is becoming more and more difficult to continue to live in our State. We need to change the direction. We need to put YOU first. We need to vote for Larry Hogan.

For me, personally, this is also a year of change. If I should be so fortunate to have another 4 years of service, I will no longer be the first term (freshman) Republican. I will be able to build on my success with important issues that directly affect you and your family - victim’s rights, reduced business regulations, agribusiness opportunities. The reputation that I have built is solid and my colleagues from across the state know that my number one priority is my constituency back home. I can literally hit the ground running…

There will be a large turnover of legislators this year – about one third. I believe that our district deserves the opportunity to hire someone that knows how to get things done in Annapolis – and has a record to prove it.

Thank you for your support and friendship over the past 4 years. I once again ask for your vote on Election Day.

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