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List of articles related to the
 'Our Lady of Emmitsburg' Cult

Editor's note: Over the coming months we'll be authoring and posting articles in our series on the 'Our Lady of Emmitsburg' (OLOE) Doomsday Cult.  In addition, we'll be compiling and posting articles and relevant source material related to how the church discerns true Marian apparitions & revelations, and the nature of cults to allow the reader to draw their own conclusion on the OLOE cult and the negative and harmful impact the OLOE cult has on its followers.

What's New 

Article related to the OLOE Cult

Articles Related To Discerning True Marian Apparitions, Revelations, & Cults

Critique of Pretend Messages from a Pretend Prophetess:

Critique of the Pretend Prophetess's 'Words of God the Father'

Newspaper Articles Related to Gianna Sullivan

Material Related to Church's Decisions that Gianna's Apparitions are Not Real

Sound Familiar? Other Marian Apparitions Frauds:

And Least You Think Gianna Sullivan has a Corner on Religious Charlatanism

"No one can go off and start up his own church and call it Roman Catholic."

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