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From the Desk of Commissioner Candidate Paul Kellett

(12/1) The recent election's outcome was not as I had hoped. I could point fingers and offer excuses. I would rather take this opportunity to thank the thousands of folks who voted for me and my friends and family that were there for me throughout. Thank you one and all.

In January, my six-year term as a township supervisor ends and so I will be leaving elected office. It has been my pleasure to serve. The challenges local governments face continues to grow. The ability to meet those challenges is harder because of the tough economic times we live in. The ability to balance the needs of our society while being restricted (by the state) in the manner in which we are to tax presents a huge problem. In many ways I feel relieved not to be tasked with answering these questions. I sincerely wish those who have accepted this responsibility both luck and wisdom.

Six years a go, I ran for office because I was concerned about a proposed huge development and how it would provide water to its future residents. I naively felt at that time the other issues facing the township were easy to solve and would require little to no effort. As it turned out, the reality of the real estate market dealt with the development, and the reality of needing to do the job I agreed to do made "everything else" a huge responsibility. I have learned a lot in the past six years- about zoning, land use, tax assessment, fire and police protection, water - the list goes on. Certainly a bright spot for me was the recent election results in Freedom Township, the folks who I have had the privilege of serving gave me more votes than any other candidate. For that, I am thankful and proud.

As I leave public office, I wish to say that my involvement will continue. I will continue to be involved in water issues in Adams County as well as issues involving our youth. I have been deeply involved in the Southwest Joint Comprehensive Plan, and if the Freedom Supervisors see fit, I will continue on.

The comment has been made to me that the recent county commissioner election had more debates, forums and discussed more issues than previous similar elections. If this is true, and if I in any way was responsible for this, then I am very proud. A democracy flourishes when issues and ideas dominate over slogans. I hope that this is the start of a trend and that honest and open discussions of the problems facing us becomes the norm. I will continue to advocate for these discussions, as my title of "citizen" not only allows me to do so, but to live up to that title requires me to do so. Thanks!

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