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From the desk of
County Commissioner Moreno

(July, 2010) Well, I can't believe that July is here already. I thought that I would give an update of county projects, and share with everyone what we have been doing in the Commissioners' Office the first half of 2010.

County Manager: The County is currently working on creating and approving a job description for a new position to be located in the Commissioners' Office called a County Manager. At one time, the Commissioners' Office had three positions located in the front office, but as time has passed, we have slimmed down to just our Chief Clerk, of course WAY too much work for just one person to handle. It is time that we took the County to another level, and brought on a person that can start projects that we need to get started and to go in a direction that we have never gone before.

The County is growing, and those numbers will be shown later this year when the census figures are released. What comes with a growing County is a change of class. Currently Adams County is a 6th Class county, but is projected to change to a 5th class county. With the change in class brings about a change in elected officials. We will be welcoming the position of an elected Controller to the County, resulting in the elimination of three elected Auditor positions.

North Gettysburg Trail: The North Gettysburg Trial project has been a long time in the making. The County is finally making progress, and pushing forward to have this project bid out this year. The trail is located along Old Harrisburg Road in Gettysburg. Once the trail is completed, it will run from the edge of Gettysburg to the Gettysburg High School. This will allow those attending school, or those who just want to get out and ride, be able to walk or bike along the road safely.

Belmont Road Bridge: The Belmont Road Bridge is another project that has been a long time in the making. Finally, the right-of-ways have been acquired, and the meetings are occurring to make sure that the project can be put out on bid with in the near future, so much further than it has ever been. The bridge has been closed for about nine months.

Countywide Reassessment: Of course I do need to mention the Reassessment that has been ongoing in our County for quite some time now. Well, notices with the new assessments will be mailed July 1st to all property owners. The County did hold evening meetings at each of the six school districts in the County. Hopefully you had the opportunity to attend one, but if you didn't, you will still be able to view the meeting via the County website at in the very near future. Please take this opportunity to view the video, to help you understand the process. If you still have questions about your notice, schedule an informal hearing to have someone go over the notice with you by calling the 1-800 # on the back of the notice.

Green Acres: By this writing, the Board of Commissioners would have had the Public Meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday, June 29th to discuss with the public the state of Green Acres Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The Board scheduled this meeting to discuss the past, present, and future of the county nursing home and where we feel the industry is heading.

County Budget: Our County's budget process will begin this month. We will have a new tool called MuniCast that we will be able to utilize. This tool came from the GFOA study, a financial study that was recommended by the County's auditing firm. I am really excited about this process, and hopefully we will be able to accomplish the goals that we want to with the MuniCast program.

GFOA: As I mentioned above, the County is still working on the GFOA study, and implementing some policies that were recommended by one of the groups formed through the study. The Commissioners just recently adopted a "Fund Balance Policy" and a "Capital Improvement Plan Policy". We are moving in the right direction by getting these policies on the books, and making sure that future Boards of Commissioners has some guidance, as to the standards.

Another group formed by the GFOA study is working on putting together a pamphlet of all the services that are provided by the County/Courts to the residents of Adams County. This will be a valuable tool for any new Commissioner coming on board. We need to make sure that all the tools are available for any new member that may walk through that door.

State Budget: As I write this, House and Senate leaders continue to work cooperatively towards completion of a commonwealth budget, but concerns about devastating cuts, even to core government services, are building. It is unfortunate that we have to come to this point, once again.

I would like to mention that we live in a wonderful County. A county that has people that care about one another and as a result of the budget impasse in 2009, a group has formed consisting of non-profits coming together to support one another, and to make a difference in their community. I really am not aware of any other area that can work together the way people in our community work together for a common goal. We are certainly unique and special, and I am proud to be apart of something so great!

We have so many other projects that we are involved in, but just not enough room to include them all. We will save them for next time. Enjoy your summer!

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