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From the desk of
County Commissioner Moreno

(4/2010) Springtime is finally here, so I thought that I would take this opportunity to discuss the Adams County Commissioners attendance at our Spring County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) Conference held from March 21st - March 23rd in Harrisburg, PA. Attending the conference is always a rewarding experience offering the opportunity to talk with Commissioners from other counties to see what is happening in their county and how they are handling a similar situation that we may have in Adams County.

CCAP gives Commissioners the opportunity to be a part of the association by participating in core committees such as Agriculture, Community and Economic Development, Courts and Corrections, Human Services, Assessment and Taxation, County Governance, Energy Environment and Land Use, and Military Affairs. Being a part of one or more of these committees gives those participants the ability to share their experiences with the group. CCAP advocates for favorable legislation, programs and policies on behalf of all 67 counties.

A hot topic we hear a lot about at conference is the Marcellus Shale exploration that is affecting the northern tier and western counties of Pennsylvania. Well, we are not experiencing Marcellus Shale exploration here in Adams County, but there is discussion of how directly and indirectly counties are affected by the changes occurring with the exploration of natural gas.

Adams County participates in the Southcentral Eight County Caucus which meets during the conference. This group consists of counties in close proximity of each other. Those that participate are Adams, Franklin, Perry, York, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster and Lebanon counties. With eight counties working together we can easily tackle projects, preventing the duplication of work that can be done regionally.

Throughout the day we attend breakout sessions. These breakout sessions consist of various topics that pertain to county government in one way or another. Topics like:

  • How to deal with the State Budget During Difficult Times
  • Services offered through the National Association of Counties Organization
  • Court-related issues that Commissioners should be aware of
  • GIS Services
  • National Health Care Reform
  • Updates to the American and Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
  • The Right-to-Know law
  • Services provided to Veterans and their families

We all share a special bond because in difficult times we become one voice to stand up for our counties to make sure that we do not fall victim to additional unfunded mandates. The leaders of the association are highly skilled offering services that help us all become better Commissioners for our counties.

Additional education and trainings are offered throughout the year for all county employees to attend. I am truly grateful to have an organization that we can rely on. Thank you CCAP!!!

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